A Practical Approach to Managing Children and Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chinnaiah Yemula, Frank M.C. Besag, Jennifer Wilson, Natalie Hopkins, Shalini Rajendran

Cite this article as: CEPiP 2014;1:169-180

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Managing a child or a young person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often requires coordinated multidisciplinary input and support from a number of professionals from paediatrics, mental health, learning disability, education and social care. Behavioural and sleep problems are common. Psychoeducation of parents, carers and teachers is the first step in enabling an understanding of what strategies are likely to be effective. In addition, ongoing individual support along with the provision of a conducive and supportive environment at home, school and places of leisure are typically needed. Prompt identification and treatment of comorbid medical and mental health conditions is imperative and should be an integral part of the overall management.